Myxos & Musings


Myxos & Musings

A delightful journey into the little known world of Myxomycetes

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This book is a handy soft cover A5 size, full colour compilation of very specialised photography of Myxomycetes fruiting bodies.

Steve Young has developed a very specialised approach to capturing the beauty and character of the little known world of Slime Moulds or Myxomycetes.

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Most of his subjects come from the Easterly rainforests of the Mid North Coast of NSW Australia. There are also a number of photographs compiled from his research into the occurrence of Myxos in the Eromanga region in South West QLD.

The book also has thought-provoking musings accompanying each image. Information about his photographic techniques can also be found within.

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About Steve Young

Steve Young is a retired commercial photographer who is active in exploring the depth of technology used in super-macro photography. His key interest lies in finding or cultivating the growth of Myxomycetes and capturing their beauty as the lifecycle occurs.

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Myxos and Musings